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If someone close to you has recently suffered a bereavement you might wish to express your concern and sympathy with a mourning gift, either independentlhy or with friends or colleagues.

parlAmore is the ideal mourning gift. With its universal character, timeless design, modest size and stylish packaging, parlAmore shows you care.

We can deliver parlAmore anywhere in the world, with a short personal message of condolence (rather like the card delivered with a bouquet of flowers).

You can personalize your gift in two ways:
- by having it fitted with a button of your own. More about this free service on 'My parlAmore'.


- by getting a (family-)name engraved on the lid of the box;
read for more information 'My personalized parlAmore'.


Just follow the simple instructions to order.

onyx en jaspis with a name on the lid bag