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my parlAmore

Why parlAmore?

Normal life – work, shopping – has resumed after the death of
a loved one, but the sense of loss is just as intense. How can you show without words why you are a little quieter than normal?

In the days when people still wore black mourning dress people would automatically offer their sympathy and support. Nowadays, though, it is difficult to tell when someone is in mourning and
would appreciate the chance to talk about it.

parlAmore is a contemporary, personal sign of mourning which
helps you face the world again after a bereavement.

About the name parlAmore

A name has been given since it is not only a mourning button but also a personal and tangible memory. 'parlAmore' is a combination of the Italian words parlare and amore - 'to speak’ and ‘love’ - literally to let your heart speak. On the one hand because by wearing such a tangible keepsake you feel 'united in loving memory' with your loved one, and on the other hand because you show that you are mourning someone.

The motto can just as easily be read as 'in loving memory joined', meaning that you feel an affinity with others who share in that grief. Others who, just like you, and wherever in the world they may be, wear their parlAmore with a button belonging to that particular loved one.