My parlAmore: with your ‘own’ button

parlAmore comes with a mother of pearl button which you can replace with a button of your choice.

You may however wish to order parlAmore with a button of your choice, particularly if you plan to give parlAmore as a gift, as it will allow you to leave the attractive packaging intact. This service, known as My parlAmore is free of charge. The button can be replaced with another at a later stage if desired.

What should you send to us so that we can make your
very own personal parlAmore?

• A piece of material from an article of clothing that we can use to make a round cloth button approx. 2cm (1 ") diameter. A 5x10cm (2½" x 5") length of material will suffice.
• A cufflink; this will be adapted so that it can be placed on the mourning button.
• Any other piece of jewellery that evokes a memory of the deceased. Should any alterations need to be made then this will only happen with your express permission.

This applies also to the form of alteration required and to any extra costs that may be incurred.

During the ordering process (on the ´Address’ page) you will have the opportunity to indicate whether you wish to use the free My parlAmore service. Please send your button to the Studio with a copy of your order details.

parlAmore jasper and onyx with a button as memento

a small piece of the shawl used for the stuff-buttononyx with fabric button

back customised cufflink onyx with cufflink

customised whatch wheeljasper with whatch wheel
my parlAmore

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